We can help you get the answers you need, no matter where you are on your journey. You can register for all of the sessions listed below, or just the ones you are most interested in right now.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

The first step of starting your business is understanding the world of entrepreneurship and deciding if it is right for you. This session will cover how to evaluate business ideas, how military skills can be transferred to business ownership, how to grow your network and what it takes to start a business. Start your entrepreneurial journey with the right frame of mind! 

Testing Your Business Idea

The Idea Napkin is a tool to help identify and focus on the important elements of a business idea. It's a one-page overview that articulates the idea for both the entrepreneur and their future customers. With this tool, you can create your elevator pitch and really focus on the value your business will deliver. This session will discuss the best approach for the Idea Napkin and explain how to use it when testing your business idea. 

Business Planning

Knowing where you want to go and how you’re going to get there will help determine the plan you need to put in place to move your business forward. This session will teach you how to build the road map that works the best for you, the type of business you’re creating and how to set that into a plan. Every business needs a plan, but not all businesses require a business plan. 

Marketing Strategies

Marketing can be broadly defined as the tools used to communicate with your clients (or potential clients) and includes the ways you both attract and interact with them. Knowing your audience is key when determining your marketing strategy and will help focus your business objectives. 

Money and Finance

Money matters. Effective financial planning matters. Determining how much money you need and what you will be using it for is essential when evaluating the realities of your business.   This workshop helps you think about start-up costs, sales forecasting, cash flow projections and other financial aspects of entrepreneurship.

Sales and the Customer

Creating your product or service is only one part of the business puzzle. Identifying your goals and developing a sales strategy will help you to ask the important questions and determine what your client or customer really needs.