Taking action against climate change is so important to our communities. We’ve created programs that will help you develop the skills you need to take advantage of the new opportunities in the green economy. Your contribution will help build a brighter future for everyone.  

If you’re curious about a career path that contributes to a sustainable future, learn from industry experts about the opportunities in a variety of green jobs including conservation, corporate social responsibility, forestry, construction trades, oceans and fresh water.

All of our programs help you gain important skills for the workplace.

Discover Urban Nature and Forestry

Trees have the power to mitigate climate change and so can you. You can learn about the impact that urban nature and forests have on cities and find out about career opportunities in a dynamic industry that has the potential to reshape our future.

Discover Green Building Trades

Do you want to be part of the effort to build back better as governments invest in more energy efficient buildings? The program offers the space to learn about entry points into the skilled trades sectors and information about the importance of green buildings.

Tree Planting & Other Projects

Together with young people and community members, we’ll put shovels in the ground to take action to support the federal government’s ambitious plan to plant 2 billion trees in the next decade.

As we learn and understand more about how the workforce is shifting in a post-COVID-19 world, we’ll be updating this space with more opportunities to get involved.


We’re working on new programs right now, please check back soon for more information!